Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

Mac Cham Pale Swatches

The new limited edition from Mac finally came out on Monday here in Germany too and the Toner Turkey complained that she couldn't wear the champagne themed products on new year's eve.
If she had worn them, I am not sure she would have been too content either though.

She eventually tried out the legendary Feline kohl eye pencil, liked the colour pay-off but totally hated the smudging. It even smudged after she had taken a nap and just lay in bed!
Not sure what the hype is all about. So definitely not recommendable.

Then she got the I get no kick eye kohl and she quite liked that one. Brightened the eyes and comes in quite handy as the Toner Turkey has problems applying eye shadow under the eyes and in the tear ducts.
The paint pots are quite pretty. The Toner Turkey has them in Let me pop and in Chilled on ice. The latter one is her favourite. They did not crease on her and very really glittery and pretty, although they faded quite a bit during the day, which was a little bit of a let down. UPDATE: They fade really badly. Not much left at the end of the day, even though the Turkey used a primer.

The nail polish Soiree wasn't quite as great as the Turkey had expected either. In some angles the colour looks a bit as if she had yellow smoker nails...In others, it looked like rose champagne.

She skipped on the eye quattro as the colours almost didn't show up on the skin and the lustres cause lot of fallout.
She applied the Chez Chez Lame Beauty powder but it looked really dupable. In fact she has lots of Essence shimmer powders, which do the same job.

 Soiree Nail lacquer

Left to right: Chilled on ice, Let me pop, Soiree

Feline (See how it smudged already from just swatching...) , I get no kick, Chilled on ice, Let me pop

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