Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

H&M cupcakes,Naughty but Nice hand cream and Lipton Puff Sweets Collection

Don't these look yummy?
The Toner Turkey bought these little cupcakes at H&M Divided. She was just about to take a bite when I told her they were little purses.
They don't have any handles though, so the Toner Turkey uses them to store her blushes. She can store two inside of each. There was a third one available, which was white with pink icing I think.

This isn't the only time the Toner Turkey fell for fake cupcakes.
She has a hand cream from Naughty but Nice (You can get them at or from in the Choco Deluxe flavour.
It smells of Black forest cake (Chocolate and cherry), has a non-sticky quite cool formula which dries quickly and is fun to touch. As if you were touching a light pudding, the Turkey says.
The smell is so lovely that I keep finding the ocassional feather inside. The Turkey just can't take her fingers off it!

In Japan Lipton seems to have little sweets giveaways along with their iced tea. I wish they sold them here too. They look so cute and real. Found this pic at's blog. Really nice blog, check it out.

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